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Design & Fly Parachutes

Construct your own parachutes and improve your flying and landing skills in this rich simulation toolkit.

Volo Parachutes will become part of the game Volo Airsport in the future. For now it is available as standalone and free experimental release.

This first experimental release has plenty of unfinished goofs and bugs, but here's what's already in:

  • A playful and intuitive way to learn a lot about an incredibly exciting side of modern day skydiving
  • A fully parametric canopy design system: Change the size, shape, and angles of the parts and your bad ass new canopy into flight immediately
  • Detailed ram airfoil simulation model, modeling lift, drag, pressurisation, pendulum effects on a per-cell basis, each linked to the pilot with individually simulated lines and controlled lines.
  • Control system that gives you direct and simultaneous interaction with weight shift, and the pull applied on individual control lines.
  • A tool for generating funny physics glitch gifs to post on Twitter

We think that's pretty cool, and we're anxious to see the things you'll make with it and the lines you'll fly with it. Let us know what you think, and show us some videos!


Control with gamepad (Xbox pad recommended) or play with keyboard.

Weight shift - W,A,S,D
Pull front lines - Q,E
Pull brake lines - A, D
Pull rear lines - Z, C

Gamepad (press a button to activate):
Weight shift - Left stick
Select lines - X, A
Pull lines - Left and right triggers

Dev Video

05:45 The Controls, Basic Parachute Flight
13:48 Designing Your Parachute
30:05 Answers to Your Questions

Please let us know what you think about the game in the comments section below!

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volo_airsport_parachutes_experimental_3_linux.zip 361 MB
volo_airsport_parachutes_experimental_3_mac.zip 373 MB
volo_airsport_parachutes_experimental_3_win.zip 347 MB
volo_airsport_parachutes_experimental_2_win.zip 347 MB
volo_airsport_parachutes_experimental_2_mac.zip 372 MB
volo_airsport_parachutes_experimental_2_linux.zip 361 MB


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It doesn't work on linux, keeps closing