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Latest version: v3.7.1 Parachute Release

Volo Airsport is about the joys of skydiving and the beauty of nature. Try your hand at wingsuits, either flying as close to the mountains as possible, or soaring high and enjoying the view.

Flying with a human body is an experience that is fundamentally different from piloting other aircraft; it can be as elegant as it can be clumsy. As such, Volo completely simulates the motion of your body, and you can see, hear and feel the way it interacts with the air around you.

The core gameplay is all about learning to master the complex interplay between your body, the wind and gravity. Your first few flights can be quite like learning how to walk for the first time! Don't worry though, unlike in real life you can always try again.

Ultimately we want Volo to feel like an actual sport. The thing here is that you can practice sports in many ways, and different people get different things out of them. Whether you're in it for the hardcore proximity flying, the aerobatics, the racing, the sightseeing, the relaxation, or just to hang out with friends, we want you to accommodate your style of play.

Enjoy, and blue skies!

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VR Support

Volo supports both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift CV1 and DK2.

Note: Only gamepad and keyboard+mouse controls are supported! No motion controls yet.

Early Access

Volo Airsport is currently in Early Access. The game can still change significantly over time. We strongly suggest you buy the game now only if you think you'll like the version that's currently available.

Volo is also available on Steam and on Humble, if that's your thing.


Game design / Programming: Martijn Zandvliet (@mzanvliet)

Programming: Frank Versnel (@fversnel)

Sound design / Music: Michael Manning (@MIKMANNER)

Concept art / Branding: Moldybyrd Studio


Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

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